Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Years!

On big drinking holidays like New Years and St.Patrick's Day I generally try to avoid all the chaos, raised prices, drama and insanity of big parties and events so for this New Years Eve Matt, Ashlee, Josh and I all went to a smaller rave called New Yearsy Shore. It was thrown by the same people who threw the party we went to last year! It was Jersey Shore themed, if you couldn't guess by its title.

This was probably the best New Years I have had yet. It was at the same venue it was at last year but this year it had indoor tire swings, giant stuffed animals to sit with on a ton of mattresses and couches and a hot tub filled with packing foam! The packing foam hot tub is probably the most brilliant idea I have ever seen.

I hope everyone else had a great New Years also!

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