Friday, November 16, 2012

Beast of Blood

Outfit Rundown:
Button up - Romwe
Tank top - Actual Pain
Leggings - LoveSally
Bone hair clips - Kreepsville 666
Coffin necklace - Kreepsville 666
Creepers - T.U.K.

I used to dye my hair different colors on a bi-weekly basis, but was so fond of the blue I kept it for 2 years. I finally decided I needed a change and went green. Not really for any particular reason, and definitely not for the holidays (I didn't realize until after I'd done it I was setting myself up to be constantly asked that at work). I also recently went on another Kreepsville shopping spree and I already have my next pieces to buy from them picked out! I am really getting quite the collection of their jewelry. I think virtually every piece of jewelry I wear regularly (aside from my black wooden bracelets) is from Kreepsville.


  1. Aww those leggins look so cool, and I love your hair!

  2. Why are you so cute? Love this outfit, love your hair, love these photos!

  3. you look fabulous!I just love ur top and leggins and you styled ur hair very well :3

  4. What a fab blog. I love it!

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