Friday, July 20, 2012


Outfit Rundown:
Dress - H&M
Boots - Ebay
Headband - Forever 21
Necklace -Cyberdog

There are two things I am very excited about in this look, first is my spike headband. I saw that headband at Forever 21 months ago, but for some horrible reason didn't buy it. I returned less than a week later to purchase it to find them all gone! Ever since then I have been on a mission to find that, or a similar headband. Well, after a few months of no luck they finally restocked and I was able to get my hands on the last one in the whole store!

The second item I am excited about is my Cyberdog necklace! It looks like a typical bullet necklace but instead of being a plain bullet or pill case is actually a bottle opener! I love things that are functional AND cool looking.

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