Friday, July 20, 2012


Outfit Rundown:
Dress - H&M
Boots - Ebay
Headband - Forever 21
Necklace -Cyberdog

There are two things I am very excited about in this look, first is my spike headband. I saw that headband at Forever 21 months ago, but for some horrible reason didn't buy it. I returned less than a week later to purchase it to find them all gone! Ever since then I have been on a mission to find that, or a similar headband. Well, after a few months of no luck they finally restocked and I was able to get my hands on the last one in the whole store!

The second item I am excited about is my Cyberdog necklace! It looks like a typical bullet necklace but instead of being a plain bullet or pill case is actually a bottle opener! I love things that are functional AND cool looking.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is bat country.

Outfit Rundown:
Top - Target and altered/destroyed by me
Cowl - Plastic Viscera
Skirt - Plastic Viscera
Boots - Dr.Martens

This is one of my outfits from Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas this year! I was going for a post apocalyptic/desert punkish look. Everything was sort of thrown together last minute so I could have probably used a few more accessories but I think it turned out alright considering I was cutting up and altering my shirt and accessories the night before we headed out to Vegas (I can't do anything in advance. Such a procrastinator)!

My cowl and skirt are both from a lovely etsy seller Plastic Viscera. She makes beautiful apocalypse inspired clothing! Her designs are great for dressing up for something more costume-y or dressing down for casual wear.

This was my first time using a desert backdrop for photos and I now totally wish we had somewhere like this close to where I live in Oregon (I don't want the heat though! Anything over 90 is waaay too warm for my tastes). All I could think about for half the drive from Portland to Vegas was how great all the small super run down desert towns along the way would be for a apocalypse/zombie inspired shoot.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012


Outfit Rundown:
Bolero - Target
Top - H.frill
Skirt - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - An*Tai*Na
Wrist Cuffs - Hot Topic

This is my outfit from the International Lolita Day 2012 meet-up in Portland! I am trying to sell this skirt so I wanted to wear it one last time before I try to get rid of it. I realized later I actually wore this skirt to the International Lolita Day meet-up last year also! XD
My goal for this outfit was to do sort of a mature bittersweet coord. I also have been trying to learn how to do new and more interesting things with my hair when I wear lolita and this was my first attempt at this style. I followed FilleDePorcelaine's amazing tutorial here:

On a side note, after the meet-up me and two friends went to an arcade and there was a group of little girls that told us they liked our dresses. A few weeks later my boyfriend and I took his daughter to a local waterpark and those same little girls came up to me and said they remembered me and my friends in our pretty dresses from the arcade! It was probably one of the cutest things ever! They continued to smile and wave at me every time they were around us. I love little kids reactions to cosplay and lolita!