Friday, June 1, 2012


Outfit Rundown:
Dress - Cyberdog
Boots - Demonia

Let me just start of by saying I have been completely OBSESSED with Cyberdog lately. Seriously. Ever since I got this dress (I purchased it for Electric Daisy Carnival) all I have wanted to do is buy more Cyberdog stuff. I've already got their bullet logo necklace on the way and a second dressed picked out to buy as soon as I get my next paycheck after EDC. I've loved cyber fashion for a long time (seriously, all my Sims characters in 6th grade looked like cyber hookers)but I'd never actually taken any effort to wear it. Welp, now that I bought this dress there is no going back. So expect to see elements of this mixing into my outfits slowly!

These photos were for Ariel's photography final which focuses on alternative fashion. It was really fun to take pictures in clothes aside from daily wear. I may try to do some more shoots like this in crazier outfits soon ;D


  1. Wow these photos and this whole outfit is so amazing, you look like an anime character!


  2. :D Lovelovelove it. I gotta try it on soon so I can decide If I wanna buy the pink and blue one. ^^

    I am thinking I might. I <3 you Jenna! You're always inspiring me to try the more alternative looks I've been too timid to try.

    1. Try it on anytiiiime. I want to order another dress after EDC. We could split shippppping XD

      And daaaw :3 <3

  3. I love neon green,stunning photos ^^

  4. I need that dress!

  5. awesome outfit! you have such a unique and cool style!