Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Green Hell

I went out shopping in Portland with my friend Ariel (See her blog here!) and we took a few photos of our outfits! I chose this outfit just because it is comfortable! I am all about that when choosing clothes. I hate things made out of weird, stiff, hard to move in fabrics!

I love this dress from Kreepsville 666. I have a small obsession with skeletons, so the second I saw this dress I had to buy it! It is super comfortable and flattering. And great for casual wear, like I used it for yesterday or for going out! I love how the bones match up so well with where they are in your body too, unlike some similarly designed items I have seen.

As usual I wore boots/platforms!
And speaking of shoes, while we were shopping I found a pair of creepers used for $18 at Buffalo Exchange! I had just decided that I needed to save up to replace my old pair, which is worn out and rub on my feet horribly if I wear them very long. Since I no longer need to buy a replacement pair of creepers I am now saving for a pair of Demonia Swing Buckle Boots!

Outfit Rundown:
Dress - Kreepsville 666
Boots - Ebay
Purse - Handmade
Jacket - Fred Meyes/DIY modified