Thursday, March 8, 2012

All will turn to grey

My outfit from yesterday! It was very nice out again here in Portland, so I had to go take pictures. I didn't make it out til around sundown though.
Usually I really dislike how pictures I take with my tripod turn out but these actually ended up decent for once. I always feel really awkward camwhoreing alone in front of my tripod if anyone walks by, so I always try to find hidden places where I am very unlikely to run into someone when I take photos myself XD Does anyone else have that problem?

The tank top I have on is a freebie from a Japanese fashion magazine (I got it so long ago I can't remember which one, maybe Egg?). The shirt looks like some sort of liquor shirt but it actually just has a bunch of Engrish on it haha. I like the bottom that says "Artful Fellow Dedicated to Believes".

I wore my new creepers I mentioned in my last post. I love creepers. I am so glad I finally have a pair that is wearable again!

Outfit Rundown
Shirt - Freebie from a Japanese fashion magazine
Misfits Sweatshirt - Ebay
Flannel - Target
Skirt - American Apparel
Legwarmers - Fred Meyers
Creepers - Buffalo Exchange


  1. there are wolves in hidden places...<3

    1. There are wolves on incredibly short suburban nature trails!?

    2. yes...they wear sheep's clothing.

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  3. Wanntt that top-i love bad translation t-shirts SO MUCH!

    1. Aww man badly translated anything is funny to me XD I have a couple boxes from Japanese products lying around just because the translations are so funny! I wouldn't mind another shirt with funny translations on it XD Do you have any? I see them in fashion mags and street snap sites occasionally and they always make me laugh.