Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome one and all to the Theater of the Absurd

Hey, sorry its been a while since my last update. I have had several things preventing me from taking pictures lately (finals, work, shitty Oregon weather, etc etc) but the other day me and Ariel went downtown for some shopping and we managed to take some outfit shots!

This was my first time wearing my new batwing top from Forever 21 and my stripe skirt from H&M. I love how they go together! I have been in love with this skirt since I got it the other day. I was in desperate need of some more interesting, non-solid colored skirts and this was the perfect solution to my problem! It is nice and bold and patterned but black & white so it matches nearly everything.

My bag was handmade for me by my mom a few years ago. I love using large bags like that with tons of room for all the crap I am always trying to carry around with me. I also think a bit of leopard print is a good way to spice up any outfit so having a bag I can use with leopard print on it is perfect!

Wearing Kreepsville as usual. I swear at least half of the accessories I normally wear are Kreepsville!

I have been wanting some new ankle socks for a while now and finally gave in and bought some the other day. Originally I was looking at some cheap Leg Avenue ones before I found these ones. They were twice the price but the lace around them is so nice I am glad I got these ones instead.

Outfit Rundown:
Top - Forever 21
Skirt - H&M
Tights - Ebay
Ankle Socks - Sock Dreams
Coffin Bracelet & Skeleton Hairclip - Kreepsville 666
Horror Necklace - Sourpuss
Creepers - Second Hand
Bag - Handmade by my mother

Thursday, March 8, 2012

All will turn to grey

My outfit from yesterday! It was very nice out again here in Portland, so I had to go take pictures. I didn't make it out til around sundown though.
Usually I really dislike how pictures I take with my tripod turn out but these actually ended up decent for once. I always feel really awkward camwhoreing alone in front of my tripod if anyone walks by, so I always try to find hidden places where I am very unlikely to run into someone when I take photos myself XD Does anyone else have that problem?

The tank top I have on is a freebie from a Japanese fashion magazine (I got it so long ago I can't remember which one, maybe Egg?). The shirt looks like some sort of liquor shirt but it actually just has a bunch of Engrish on it haha. I like the bottom that says "Artful Fellow Dedicated to Believes".

I wore my new creepers I mentioned in my last post. I love creepers. I am so glad I finally have a pair that is wearable again!

Outfit Rundown
Shirt - Freebie from a Japanese fashion magazine
Misfits Sweatshirt - Ebay
Flannel - Target
Skirt - American Apparel
Legwarmers - Fred Meyers
Creepers - Buffalo Exchange

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Green Hell

I went out shopping in Portland with my friend Ariel (See her blog here!) and we took a few photos of our outfits! I chose this outfit just because it is comfortable! I am all about that when choosing clothes. I hate things made out of weird, stiff, hard to move in fabrics!

I love this dress from Kreepsville 666. I have a small obsession with skeletons, so the second I saw this dress I had to buy it! It is super comfortable and flattering. And great for casual wear, like I used it for yesterday or for going out! I love how the bones match up so well with where they are in your body too, unlike some similarly designed items I have seen.

As usual I wore boots/platforms!
And speaking of shoes, while we were shopping I found a pair of creepers used for $18 at Buffalo Exchange! I had just decided that I needed to save up to replace my old pair, which is worn out and rub on my feet horribly if I wear them very long. Since I no longer need to buy a replacement pair of creepers I am now saving for a pair of Demonia Swing Buckle Boots!

Outfit Rundown:
Dress - Kreepsville 666
Boots - Ebay
Purse - Handmade
Jacket - Fred Meyes/DIY modified