Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Fatal Believer

I wore this outfit out and about today. It is incredibly comfy and warm!

I love the print on this dress so much. I am really glad my boyfriend got it for me for Christmas. It is super comfy and goes with so much of my stuff.

I used to be obsessed with Dir en Grey and bought that hoodie at a merch booth one of the times I saw them in concert. I am not obsessed with them any longer but this is the most comfortable hoodie I have ever owned so I wear it all the time. I also had a guy try to buy this hoodie off of me once when I was wearing it out shopping. Needless to say that is one of the weirdest things a stranger has asked me.

My favorite boots! They have been through so much XD

Two of my favorite bracelets!

I also went to a new place to take photos. It is a different less busy park down the road I have never been to before. It was wet and rainy so I didn't explore around too much but it was very pretty. I think I will go back next time I take photos as well!

Outfit Rundown:
Dir en Grey Hoodie - Merch Table
Dress - Drop Dead Clothing
Boots - Demonia
Bracelets - Ebay

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